cover [kuv′ər]
[ME coveren < OFr covrir < L cooperire < co-, intens. + operire, to hide < IE * op-wer-, to cover < * op(i)-, back, against + * wer, to cover, protect > WARN]
1. to place something on, over, or in front of, so as to conceal, protect, or close
2. to extend over; overlay; blanket [snow covered the highway]
3. to copulate with (the female): said chiefly of a stallion
4. to clothe
5. to coat, sprinkle, etc. thickly [covered with mud]
6. to sit on (eggs); brood; incubate
7. to conceal by hiding or screening
8. to keep from harm or injury by shielding; protect by screening
9. to include and provide for; take into account [the law covers such cases]
a) to protect against financial loss or liability, as by insurance or reserve funds
b) to make up for (a loss, injury, etc.) by insurance, reserve funds, etc.
c) to be sufficient for payment of (expenses, a debt, etc.)
11. to accept (a bet); stake the equivalent of (an opponent's stake) in a wager
12. to travel over; go the length of [to cover a distance]
13. to work in or be responsible for (a particular area or range of activity) [to cover a territory as a salesman]
14. to deal with; treat of [to cover a subject]
15. to bring upon (oneself) by one's actions [to cover oneself with glory]
16. to point a firearm or similar weapon at; put or keep within the range and in the aim of a gun or the like
17. Slang to record or perform a COVER (n. 8) of
18. Card Games to put a higher card on (a previously played card)
19. Finance to buy stock to replace (shares borrowed from a broker to effect a short sale)
20. Journalism to have the assignment of gathering and reporting the details of (a news story)
21. Mil. to keep (a person or group) within sight or contact so as to protect from enemy action
22. Sports
a) to watch, guard, defend, or defend against
b) Baseball to be ready to receive a throw to (a particular base)
c) Football to attempt to prevent (a pass receiver) from catching the ball or prevent (a punted ball) from being returned
1. to spread over a surface, as a liquid does
2. to put on a cap, hat, etc.
3. to provide an alibi, excuse, or subterfuge (for another)
1. anything that covers, as a bookbinding, the front binding of a magazine, a jar lid, a box top, etc.
2. a shelter for protection, as from gunfire
3. a hiding place for game, as a thicket, underbrush, etc.
4. [modeled on Fr couvert] a tablecloth and setting for a meal, esp. for one person
6. something used for hiding one's real actions, intentions, etc.
a) an envelope or wrapper for mail
b) an envelope or postal card with a stamp, postmark, and cachet of historical or philatelic significance
8. Slang a version of a song, esp. one that has become popular in a particular recording, as performed or recorded in imitation of the original or with a fresh interpretation
break cover
to come out of protective shelter
cover up
1. to cover entirely; envelop; wrap
2. to keep blunders, crimes, etc. from being known
take cover
to seek protective shelter
under cover
in secrecy or concealment

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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